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“NON” as the Character Muge-chan for NHK E’s Animation 『THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA』!

“NON” as the character Muge-chan for NHK E’s animation 『THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA』!

Broadcasting Date:Every Friday from 5:20pm.
Begins September 25th, 2020 (Fri). There will be an archive streaming for those who missed.
Broadcasting Station:NHK
Production:Tsuburaya Production Co., Ltd.

These are the kaiju (monsters) from the Ultraman series but made cute for children in the children’s book “THE KAIJU STEP”. The various “first steps” of the characters are drawn out into lovable characters that have become popular with children.  This world was made into an animation as “THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA”.
Please watch!

■A comment from NON

I was so excited when it was decided I would play a role in this series. I’m truly honored to be able to play one of the cute kaiju that make mistakes, get excited, and sometimes cause trouble.
Muge-chan is a quiet and playful kaiju. It was so much fun to play the role of Muge-chan.
It’s so much fun just watching the kaiju of “THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA”  just moving around, and I think there are many moments in the series that  will move you. I hope that children nationwide will watch this series and feel something move them.”

NON:Thanks to my role voicing Suzu-chan, I’m able to play the cute Muge-chan in “THE KAIJU STEP WANDABADA”.