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The Charms of Mountain Climbing as a Power Spot

Power spot! I hiked Mt. Tsukuba’s Nyotai-san!
It’s only 800m, but it’s ranked in the top 100 famous mountains of Japan.
It’s quite tough with many rocks.

However, the thick fog moistens the body, and the air feels so good!

Until now, I wasn’t interested in mountain climbing but, come to think of it, I often climbed Mt. Tenno as a child and picked up different kinds of beetles early in the morning.

While walking in the mountains, I climbed from Minase to reach Nagaokakyo City. Of course, I enjoyed hiding from my parents that I walked such a distance.

Now then, the first charm of hiking mountains as an adult is using your entire body. You become absorbed in climbing the mountain. Without concentration, there is a danger of being injured.

That nervousness and the onsen at the bottom of the mountain set, may bring a calmness to your heart.
I would also like to study the medical effects in this field.


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