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Notice: “LINE Official Salon” Has Changed to “LINE Official Blog”

Notice: “LINE Official Salon” Has Changed to “LINE Official Blog”

It’s been a some weeks since I have established a free salon. I opposed the recent popularity of paid salons and took on the challenge using LINE.

The basic characteristics of a salon are having a unique view (obviously!) and to promote interactions between members. However, with the pandemic, it is difficult to hold offline meetings, so I thought to use LINE and deepen the interactions between everything individually.

I tried for a little while (thankfully) and received many responses but, because I do business on my own and it was difficult to respond to everyone, I decided to make the salon into a blog concept this time (I apologize for my selfishness).

Due to this, after this week, I will not be able to reply to individual inquiries, but just as before, I will continue to disseminate information as I feel it. Thank you for your continued support.

In the future, for individual discussions, etc., please use the mail address below.
Thank you for your understanding!

Atsushi Fukuda