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Reflecting on COVID-19 : On the artist Morihiro Hosokawa’s “Seikoudoku” lifestyle

We had taken some photos when I met with former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa for the first issue of “Tabelog Magazine” (interview conducted on December 20th, 2016)!

These terrific black-and-white photos were taken by the photographer Hiro Kimura.

At our dinner after the photography session, I learned that Hosokawa has been spending almost every day in Yugawara’s “Futoan” producing works of art.
He told me that he has embarked on this “seikoudoku” (relaxed but productive retirement) lifestyle for almost 20 years while making sure he does not overeat.

One year after this meeting, I ran into Hosokawa again at the gallery “Yanagitakashi” in Kyoto on November 4th, 2017, where he gifted me a Shigaraki ware work.

This encounter made me decide to meet Morihiro Hosokawa the following month at his spacious workshop located in the city center.
At that time, he was working on a mural painting for Yakushiji Temple’s Jionden Hall (a massive project inspired by the “fusion of East and West” involving a work spanning around 160 meters whose production took around 5 years), which he completed two years later in the spring of 2019.

As I begin to develop a level of appreciation for his works that they deserve, I hope to share Hosokawa’s amazing sliding screen paintings and ceramic works with people around the world.

Book: “Seikoudoku: The Works of Morihiro Hosokawa”