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Mindfulness to not look up to the heavens and pray

The other day, Yoshiro Mori, President of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said the following in his New Year’s address.

About accepting overseas audiences
“At this point, it is impossible to decide. Whether they can come in or whether we can hold the games without an audience. We need to listen to various opinions before deciding. I think there will be difficult decisions to be made through March. This is something that we will have to leave to the heavens,” he said.

Here, I do not wish to talk about whether the Olympic Games can or cannot be held.
I would like to consider the mentality of a leader that says things like “leave it to the heavens” or “rely on God.”

Previously, when I asked a Zen monk, “Why do Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Zen (mindfulness)?” I received a fairly clear answer.
“That is because,” the monk said, “most religions are based on salvation by faith (God, Buddha, please save me). Only Zen (Mahayana Buddhism) taught salvation through methods that one contrives. This made it suitable for leaders.”
The Zen method of taking nature within oneself and concentrating on the workings of the mind to come up with new ideas can also be considered a method suitable for leaders.
When a leader leaves things to the heavens, it essentially means that the leader is raising a white flag and exclaiming, “We have no answer!” Judgment should involve distilling things down to their core issues and making full use of the five senses.

Let not the heavens decide. Let people decide. There’s quite a distance between them, so let’s not get them confused!

◆ Reference
There is interesting research that certain brain states experienced in the sauna are similar to those obtained during “enlightenment” in Zen.
“A Doctor’s Sauna Secrets: Why Do Business Elites Prepare Their Brains and Bodies in the Sauna?” (Author: Yoshitaka Kato) Doctor’s Sauna Textbook: Why Do Business Elites Prepare Their Brains and Bodies in the Sauna?” (Author: Yasutaka Kato)

◆ Reference
Another must-read book by Naoyuki Honda, a best-selling author who has sold over three million copies, is “Life-changing Sauna Techniques: Why Do First-Class Managers Visit the Sauna?”

P.S.: The photo is from when I was with Naoyuki Honda, the serial entrepreneur Yuki Naruse, and the singer Ray Yamada.