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Oxygen is essential! Recommended “oxygen activities” to prevent COVID-19

I used an oxygen capsule in my neighborhood.

Do you remember the news story where Beckam used a high-pressure oxygen capsule to quickly recover after breaking his left leg?

It is common knowledge that oxygen is essential for human life. However, allow me to explain just how important oxygen is during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus, as with other common cold viruses, can cause pneumonia, a severe form of respiratory infection. The politician Yuichiro Hata is thought to have died from respiratory failure (oxygen deficiency) caused by COVID-19.

The human lungs function very passively. The lungs are “mesh sheets” that take in oxygen from the air. This is why pneumonia, which is an infection of the lungs, can make breathing difficult.

The atmosphere is of 21% oxygen. It is said that a quarter of that, around 5%, is used to maintain brain function.

When atmospheric oxygen drops by 3% to 18%, one enters a dazed state and experiences clouded consciousness.
When the oxygen level drops by 6% to below 15%, one enters a dangerous state of oxygen deficiency called “hypoxia.” As with hypoxia from so-called altitude sickness, one loses consciousness.

In terms of blood oxygen concentration (which can be measured with the Apple Watch 6), normal levels are around 99-95%. From 95-90%, you become dazed. Under 90%, you lose consciousness.

Mr. Hata might have been saved if he had access to an ambulance oxygen cylinder instead of riding in a private car driven by his secretary.

It seems that Kanagawa Prefecture will build an emergency facility called a “HOT Center” that will provide only oxygen. That is how important oxygen is.

Oxygen replenishment refreshes the blood and revitalizes cellular tissue.
Those who are exposed to COVID-19 but do not suffer seriously from it thanks to their natural immune system function are those who have orderly lifestyles, get plenty of sleep, and eat a well-balanced diet.
When stress and cholesterol levels are low, the blood is clean, and oxygen can be transported to every corner of the body. This leads to high immune system function. If the COVID-19 virus enters such a body, the body can defeat it.

It is a good idea to prepare a device for measuring blood oxygen levels, oxygenated water for exercise, and, for emergencies, oxygen cylinders used for mountain climbing.
↓ The following is a bit more of a specialized subject. (It also seems yoga is good for taking in oxygen.)
The body has carries two types of oxygen: oxygen that is bound to hemoglobin and oxygen that is dissolved in blood or plasma and reaches peripheral tissues.

[Bound type] Hemoglobin, the “transporter” that carries oxygen in the blood, is a protein that makes up most of a red blood cell. With ordinary pulmonary respiration, oxygen can only be transported in this bound state. Since the brain, kidneys, and liver have clumps of capillaries that are thinner than hemoglobin, it is easy to have blood flow deterioration to these locations.

[Dissolved type] As about 90% of blood vessels are capillaries which are about 30% thinner than hemoglobin, blood flow to these areas can deteriorate. With ordinary respiration, it is hard to take in a large quantity of dissolved oxygen. This is why oxygen cylinders and capsules exist.

The special breathing techniques used by yoga and qigong experts can be thought of as methods for taking in the dissolved type of oxygen. It is said that, when the walls of blood vessels become thinner and dirtier due to cholesterol or aging, hemoglobin-bound oxygen has trouble passing through them. This leads to oxygen deficiency, which then can cause illness or further aging.

To supply oxygen to cells in every corner of the body, we need more dissolved oxygen. With poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, or long periods of overwork, blood vessels can become thinner (from cholesterol, etc.), and red blood cells may stick to one another. This leads to poor blood flow and oxygen deficiency.
This is said to be a cause of age, mental decline, and many kinds of diseases.

COVID-19 attacks the lungs directly! Is the immune system the only way to preventing conditions from worsening?

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