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My thought on media coverage of the entertainer and picture book artist Akihiro Nishino: Our society should support challengers!

The negative articles about the comedian and picture book artist Akihiro Nishino are terrible.
Strangely, the ferocity of these articles seems to have grown since he quit his agency on January 1, 2021.
Is it the country? Or the industry? Sadly, there’s no culture of supporting people who take up new challenges. There should be many kinds of people. They should be able to suddenly change their minds. They should be able to fail many times.
People should be, by nature, free. Everyone can live how they wish. Entertainers should be free to be independent or change agencies.
In these times, we need a spirit of open-mindedness more than ever.
– Be different from others.
– Be kind to others.
– Be creative.
These are three things that I would like to keep in mind.
As a small act of resistance, I try not to click on articles like those listed below. I look at the title and, if it says something bad about someone, I don’t click it. I don’t watch talk shows.
Because each little click of mine helps them live on.

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Tokyo Sports – Akihiro Nishino scolds a woman for 30 minutes; Then calls her “cancer” on his blog?

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