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Requirements for Paradigm Shifts: New Communication Tools + New Energy Source

The requirement for paradigm shifts (revolutionary periods) to occur is the combination of 2 or more novel technological advances.
Communication Tool + Energy Source = Paradigm Shift
Examples from the 20th century are as follows.
・Combustion Engine + Petrol = Cars
・Radio Waves + Camera = TV
In the 21st century, we will see changes happen at an exponential speed.
Development of environmentally-friendly transportation
・5G + Renewable Energy = EV Cars
Overcoming Diseases that Prevent Longer Life
・AI Analysis + Gene Editing = Cures for Cancer
Dramatic Change in Goods Distribution
・Drones + Sensors = Package Deliveries
Education Personalized for Individual Capabilities and Interests
・Deep Learning + VR = STEM
Food Technology to Eliminate Hunger Due to Population Growth
・3D Printers + Cultivation Technology = Artificial Meat
In the future, the “speed” itself will accelerate. Things that took 100 years to evolve will become reality in just a few years. I am optimistic that solutions to the biggest problems of humanity, such as climate change, population growth, hunger, and disease, will come sooner than you think.
“Ready For The Paradigm Shift? Creative Minds Post Coronavirus” By Atsushi Fukuda