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About Beyond The Frame Festival, Japan’s first VR film festival


Japan recently held Beyond The Frame Festival, its first VR cinema film festival.
February 21, 2021 (Sun)

Hosted by Sascha, radio DJ and host of Friday Night Delight, and the Virtual YouTuber Uka Natsuki, the festival was enjoyable and progressed smoothly.

Eighteen nominated works were considered for three award categories: Grand Prix, VR Story Award, and VR Experience Award. The winners were selected by judges Sion Sono, Ellie Omiya, and Atsushi Fukuda.

The trio unanimously chose the two works listed below. There are two types of VR users: users who sit in a corner and secretly watch over things and users who dive in head-first, turning on lights and touching objects. The works to be judged featured a mixture of both types this time, but I think things will move in two separate directions in the future.

The four winning works for this ceremony all happened to be the “looking from a corner” type of work. Also, surprisingly, there was a stronger experiential feel with these works than with the type that involves remote control. I suppose you could call it “realism” or “presence.”
I think it would be good to use these ideas when organizing future VR film festivals.


The following works received awards.

Two works received the “Grand Prix” award!
Director: Hsu Chih-Yen

Director: Jonathan Hagard

Winner of VR Story Award: “The Book of Distance”
Director: Randall Okita
Producer: David Oppenheim of the National Film Board of Canada

Winner of VR Experience Award: “MOWB”
Director: Kazuki Yuhara