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Speedy Resorts : Signboard is up! completed project plan (rough design) using Nanjii, the mascot of Nanjo, Okinawa!

I’ve made the Speedy Resorts architectural rendering (rough design) into a signboard (using Nanjii, the mascot of Nanjo, Okinawa Prefecture)!
Construction will start from the penthouse on the cliff, which is 3BR4B (3 bedrooms, 4 baths).
It features an infinity pool (1.1-2.0m deep) and a jacuzzi, next to which is a party space surrounding a hearth.
Downstairs are a löyly sauna, “Goemon” bath, a cold water bath, and a “totonoe” space that offers a panoramic view of Hyakuna beach.
For the exterior (outdoor interior), I intend to use the furniture brand SIXINCH, with reference to the wonderful Mifuneyama Rakuen in Saga, where I visited the other day. The chairs are made of soft material.
I will continue working on the plants in the garden and the interior art.
Look forward to it!
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