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【ウルトラ植物博覧会 ~西畠清順と愉快な植物たち】7月3日より!












There are many people that don’t think “Plants are Art”, but I think “Plants are Art”.

I feel art is not just man-made, but also nature takes an essential part in the creative process. However it’s not only nature on its own. Humans have crafted nature into their ideal image for centuries.

In this art piece you can see the perfect synthesis of human design with nature.

Without a doubt, this art has grown from Seijun’s positive energy, just as plants grow from rich soil.


Today, we are excited to announce the successful launch of the ”Ultra Plants Exhibition-The Worderland of Seijun Nishihata“. At the opening night over 300 people came to the vip preview and that’s the biggest turn for an exhibition party this year!

Thank you so much to everyone who came!

The exhibition is open for 46 days during this summer, so come to Ginza sometime to witness these wonderful plants for your-self.


Atsushi Fukuda



ウルトラ植物博覧会 ~西畠清順と愉快な植物たちの詳細はこちら