Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc. Delivers smartphone games in South East Asia Featuring SANRIO characters including Hello Kitty

Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc. (CEO: Atsushi Fukuda, Office: Chuo-ku Tokyo) announces the release of casual online games for smartphones in South East Asia, in contract with SANRIOWAVE CO., LTD. (CEO: Shinichi Yamamura, Office: Shinagawa-ku Tokyo) and in partnership with TOSE CO.,LTD. (CEO: Shigeru Saito, Office: Kyoto) .


Games at local prices via major telecom careers in 6 South East Asian countries.


Demand, expectation of content for smartphones is increasing higher with the devise rapidly becoming popular in South East Asia. Meanwhile there exists gap between actual local users’ needs and contents’ price range at APP Store and Google Play as well as payment methods as obstacles for the content market to develop. Under this circumstance, Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc. releases through major local telecom careers the online smartphone games featuring characters from SANRIOWAVE CO., LTD., which win high popularity in the local area, in cooperation with TOSE CO.,LTD. The careers collecting contents payment with mobile bills enables many smartphone users easier access to purchase, enjoy the games, taking credit card diffusion rate in South East Asia into consideration, at the same time the contents are to be delivered at accessible prices.

The casual online games for smartphone with characters from SANRIOWAVE CO., LTD. are now distributed from Telkomsel in Indonesia and SMART in the Philippines. Further, it is planned to start releasing in Thailand in Spring 2015 through AIS (Advance Info Service).


[Current careers]
Telkomsel: The biggest mobile career in Indonesia
SMART: The biggest mobile career in Philippines


[Current careers]
Advanced Info Service: The biggest mobile career in Thailand


『Hello Kitty Ninja Training』 – Puzzle game of flower shurikens
Hello Kitty transforming into Ninha!? Hello Kitty Ninja Training is a 3 match puzzle game with Hello Kitty throwing flower shurikens (throwing-knives). Let her throw the shurikens up to have 3 color groups for clearing puzzles, complete stages, and then be a ninja master!




 『LittleTwinStars:Celestial Skipper』 – Star chasing in puzzle game

Let’s go with Kiki and Lala on the adventure of the stars in the sky. Kiki can walk only on blue stars, Lala can do only on pink stars. The blue stars change into pink after Kiki walks on, and the pink stars do into blue after Lala walks on. Plan walking order for the two to walk on the stars until reaching the goal.




『BAD BADTZ-MARU  TOY HUNT』 – Let’s find toys on time!

Toy lover BAD BADTZ-MARU makes a mess after playing. His friend visits him one day but toys they want to have can not be found. For BAD BADTZ-MARU let’s find the toys!




『KeroKeroKeroppi River Hop』 – Let Keroppi jump over the river.

A game of Keroppi jumping over the river to get shopping asked from mum done.

Items which are written in the shopping memo are laid opposite side of the river.

Let’s go to the other side by jumping on logs one after another coming by different timings on the river! Be careful please for Ganta and Kyorosuke bothering Keroppi!