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Looking back at 2020 : Never look back behind, but…!

2020 Year in Review.

Publishing Business
The department was launched on March 3, and the first book, “Are You Ready for a Paradigm Shift?” was published on May 28. The first book, “The Rise of the Japanese Language,” was published in 1985. After that, “valley of the wind” (Shigemi Suzuki), “desire and insight: daily life of an insight hunter” (Naoki Sakai, Hiroaki Yotsumata), “slippery world and rough world: recommendation of two systems in the world” (Kato). Hideki) were released in rapid succession.

We were also grateful that Shinsuke Tsutsumi, an advisor to Shinchosha, became our advisor.

Entertainment Agent
Contracts with Takeshi Ihara, Harumi Inoue, Rayamada, Leena, and others. We want to create a system that allows entertainers to work freely and yet be globally accepted.

Online Live
He has been involved in more than 30 productions, including NON music live performances, plays by Laughing Point members (Taihei Hayashiya and Koraku Sanyutei) and Eri Watanabe, and top YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita’s distribution for China.

Corporate Consultant
Visited Los Angeles for the overseas expansion of major confectionery manufacturer Chateraise (February 23). Worked on the 100th anniversary project of “Daiwa Heavy Industries” for “Goemon Bath” and branding for “Otsuka Kagu”.

Art Business
The gallery was located in downtown Los Angeles and moved to Santa Monica. The gallery opened in five times the size, but opened only on weekends due to the Corona Disaster. They have launched an online and commerce site and are working on DXing.
He also promoted an art project by KAZU, winner of the Academy Award for Special Makeup. Unfortunately, it was not realized at Corona. mr.Brainwash’s “Shinsaibashi Parco” opening exhibit was a great success.

Resort Real Estate
Acquired and operated a condominium in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles.
The development of Okinawa Nanjo is in the design process from land acquisition.

Angel Investment
I had the opportunity to work with several startups, including “SOUNDRAW” and “Tokyo Kaasan.”

Inspired by consulting for Reed, a company involved in regenerative medicine, the company began its own research. The company is working to increase immunity by activating autologous lymphocytes and to spread and educate the public about the cultivation of autologous stem cells.
He also planned a restaurant with veggie meat (plant-based artificial meat) with his friend Sarkis and Ricky Takizawa from Los Angeles. It has been postponed due to the Corona disaster.

Established NPO Speedy Land Trust with environmental activist Shimizu Ian-kun with the aim of preventing forests from burning. (January 7)
In addition, Sayaka Kuriyama, a.k.a. Prako, who is active in Mosaibique, Africa, returned to Japan temporarily, so we were able to hold a charity event. I was able to ゙.

China Related
Non” China’s official website opened (January 21), mask donations and relief funds to Wuhan
(January 26) Corona made it impossible for me to go to Beijing and Shanghai as I did last year, so I had a good night for real exchanges this year.

Lecture Activities
Lecture at Yokohama College of Art, where I am a visiting professor. He spoke on the theme of how art is necessary for society. He also made several other real-life appearances, including a lecture for business managers sponsored by Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation, Inc. and the “CLOUD HOTEL” temple stay.

He also participated in a roundtable discussion on issues in the entertainment industry for “NewsPicks” and a conversation with JINS President Hitoshi Tanaka and Naoki Sakai for “Senden Kaigi.

Conversation SeriesTalked
Book director Masataka Haba, CAMPFIRE’s Kazuma Iiri, publishing agent Tadashi Onizuka, Tokyo Seitoku University School of Business Associate Professor Mai Yoshino, DIGDOG representative Xiaonatsuyo Chen, Infoha The event was held with six other people, including Hiroto Kobayashi, co-founder of Mn_3099↩oon, a Japanese company that provides a wide range of products and services.

Passed away
Following the memorial service for his mentor in his 20s, Mr. Banjiro Uemura, founder of Tohokushinsha, at the age of 90, his son Toru also passed away at the age of 58, as if following in his footsteps. We pray for his repose.

When I went to New York in February to work for Longchamp, I was happy to have tea and chat with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

I also had the opportunity to study the spiritual world by meeting Zen monks in Kyoto, Mr. Zenryu Kawakami of Myoshinji Shunko-in and Mr. Toryo Ito of Kenninji Ryotokuin. I am also very grateful to Yuki Naruse of ON THE TRIP for connecting me with them. He played with me all year round in various places in Japan.

In addition, the “Mr. F” series of LINE stamps, which has been going strong, has been released up to the fifth series. I was surprised when it surpassed the “Oni no Ketsu” stamp.

He also launched his own official website.
I write a blog as I go along. Please visit if you like.

I have no idea what will happen next year, but I will take what is in front of me in order.
And then there’s you, the Speedy Group! You guys have helped me so much this year!!! Thank you, thank you!

Jun Fukuda