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Memories from Tiger Mask Foundation

The stimulus check for people in Japan affected by coronavirus was ¥100,000 which I received.

I suddenly thought I wanted to use it for the benefit of the of world and donated my stimulus to “Tiger Mask Foundation.”

Weeks later, I heard from Mr. Kudo at the executive office.
The donation went to a 4th year university student as a scholarship. Below is a translation of a letter from the student (posted with consent).

“My reason for going to university is to gain knowing so that I can do work in relation to aiding refugees in the future. Coming from an abusive and confined household, I feel linked with Palestinian refugees in Gaza who suffer in closed spaces which moved and motivated me. Because of the current issues in Palestine, I have decided to study problems in society all over the world as well.

I have decided to apply for Tiger Mask Foundation because my part-time job and  financial situation has changed due to coronavirus. Since being accepted into university, I have worked hard by applying for scholarships and working a part-time job, but due to the reason above, I am struggling, so I hope that you will consider me.

Having experience being vulnerable in this societal structure, my plans after graduation are to use that experience and aid from the perspective of a supporter. I am currently job hunting in fields such as organizations abroad that provide development assistance, and journalism.  Directly or indirectly, I hope to become a person who can contribute to the correction of opportunity gaps throughout life.”

I’m so glad I was be of help.

Actually, I have a history with Tiger Mask Foundation.
This history goes back 12 years to 2008. My mentor and editor, Masaru Uchida, introduced me to Atsuko Takamori who was the wife of the writer of the manga, “Tiger Mask”,  Mr. Ikki Kajiwara.   At the time, she was looking for the LP of Kennedy’s “Let us Begin Beguine”, which I found and gained her trust. This episode will be told throughout her lifetime.

↓below is the sound source.

Mr. Kajiwara’s works “Star of the Giants”, “Ashita no Joe”, and  “Tiger Mask” have been made digital and on LINE app, “Tiger Masks” profits are all being donated.

One day, an anonymous person who gave the name Naoto Date (the real identity of the character Tiger Mask) gave a donation to an orphanage in Gunma prefecture.   For this reason, Ms. Takamori established the Tiger Mask Foundation (March 1st, 2011). She emphasized that “After my death, I want to give Kajiwara’s works to the public domain and that it’s not for free but for societal assets.”

I am proud to have helped establish the fund. And I am proud to call the president, Tetsuya Ando, my friend!

It’s been 12 years, and if I can help the future of young people with even a small donation, I don’t think there is anything better than that.

Please donate to Tiger Mask Foundation.