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Speedy Gallery: Los Angeles-style COVID-19 era party!

During this opening party, nobody paid excessive attention to COVID-19 like people normally do in Japan.
There was no requirement to wear a mask!

The people who did not want to get infected wore masks, and those who had received the vaccine and did not feel the need to take any more precautions did not wear masks. 80 percent of the attendees came without a mask.

Switching from wine bottles to small cans of wine proved to be a very popular choice. The only finger food options were individually wrapped Japanese rice crackers and sweets. The “Shiroi Koibito” cookies were especially popular.🤣

It ended up being quite an easygoing opening party, in my opinion.
Now then, I wonder how long Japan will continue with this vigilantism.
New exhibition, “LANDED,”
Debora Medici-Guetta.
November 14 – December 18
Wed – Sat 12-18pm
Speedy Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center Suite B5B.
2525 Michigan Ave.,Santa Monica, CA90404
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Debora Medici-Guetta: LANDED