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THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄) : 2023年6月開業予定


THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄)




100坪以上のペントハウスには6名、階下のフロアを合わせると7-10名程度の宿泊が可能となる。ベッドは、クイーンが3台。セミダブル2台。シングル2台。エクストラベッド3台。部屋付きのシャワーが4つ。トイレが4つ。アメリカ風に言うと4Bed 4Bath.



THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄)

New as-built drawings from the architectural firm!
Due to the unprecedented three months of long rain in Okinawa, the completion of Speedy Resorts has been delayed by three months. Thanks to Kokkou Construction, AtelierTete and related companies who are working hard to catch up.

Now, the opening is currently scheduled for June 2023.

Infinity pool and Jacuzzi overlooking Kudaka Island. A wax sauna with a view of Hyakumei Beach below, three Goemon baths, a water bath, and gym space. It is equipped with cars that can be ridden freely. An open kitchen is also equipped so you can enjoy cooking at your leisure. You can also enjoy dinner in the dig-in room next to the poolside.

The penthouse, which is over 100 square meters, can accommodate 6 people, and 7-10 people when the downstairs floors are combined. The beds are three queens. Two semi-doubles. Two singles. Three extra beds. Four showers with room. Four toilets. (4Bed 4Bath)

The basic idea is to rent the whole house for a minimum of 3 nights. Rates are currently under consideration.
We plan to launch a reservation site in the fall.

Stay tuned!