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THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄) : ついにコンクリート打設終了!

THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄)
THE VILLA by Speedy(スピーディリゾート沖縄)
Concrete pouring is finally complete! (The frame of the entire building is completed.)
Towards the end of the year, we will focus on the interior to complete the project. Thanks to so many workers!
Also, a big thank you to the plastering team who responded to our request to make the entire building envelope round. This building will have as few corners as possible, and will be plastered without tiles.
I like the white buildings in Mykonos, Greece, and I want it to look like that.
The interior of the building is also designed with as many curves as possible. To incorporate curves, it requires more area than a flat surface. I enjoy using the luxurious space of Nanjo, Okinawa, as a canvas, as if I were painting freely.
We are aiming for completion by the end of this year!