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Hiro Sugiyama’s solo exhibition is now being held at Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles! (until July 😎
His series of black-and-white paintings, which are very popular in the Los Angeles art scene, are united in their heterogeneous black-and-white style.
You can enjoy guessing which masterpiece the painting is based on. By tracing the silhouettes of famous paintings and completely eliminating color, Hiro Sugiyama reexamines the meaning of his works.
We hope you will come and see it!
If you are in Japan and cannot come to Los Angeles, you can also purchase the works from the following sites.
Exhibition : Monochrome Colors
Artist : Hiro Sugiyama
Term: 2023/06/03-07/08
Venue : Speedy Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave. B5B. Santa Monica, CA, 90404