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ヒロ杉山 個展のオープニングレセプションをスピーディギャラリーL.A.で開催しました!(2023年6月3日)

ヒロ杉山 個展のオープニングレセプションをスピーディギャラリーL.A.で開催しました!(2023年6月3日)
Hiro Sugiyama Solo Exhibition Opening Reception at Speedy Gallery L.A. (June 3, 2023)
Many art lovers and friends came to the event.
In the L.A. art scene, where there is a lot of glaringly colored art, the series of black and white unified black paintings were very well accepted.
The room was filled with people guessing and talking about which masterpiece the painting was based on. By tracing the silhouettes of famous paintings and eliminating color altogether, Hiro Sugiyama reexamines the meaning of his works.
It was an enjoyable weekend with many different ways to have fun!
Everyone is welcome to come and see it!
Exhibition : Monochrome Colors
Artist : Hiro Sugiyama
Term: 2023/06/03-07/08
Venue : Speedy Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave. B5B. Santa Monica, CA, 90404