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Moeko Maeda 【What is your Balance?】展 (Speedy Gallery Los Angeles)


Moeko Maeda 【What is your Balance?】展 (Speedy Gallery Presents)

日時:2020年2月22日 (土曜日)5pm から 8pm

5:30pm から6 pm (約30分)
住所:2146 Sacramento Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

今回ご紹介するアーティスト、Moeko Maeda自身も幼少期より「塩」に癒されてきたといいます。
「見る方にとってのBalance / 調和とは?」をテーマに、アーティストが「塩」への敬意と感謝を込めて、塩で描く絵画「Salt Painting」の


Speedy Gallery Presents
“What is your Balance?” by Moeko Maeda

Opening Party: 2020.02.22 5pm to 8pm

Live performance by the artist from 5:30 pm to 6:00

Address: 2146 Sacramento Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Salt is essential to the lives of Japanese.
Salt is something we’ve used from ancient times for flavoring, but it is also used as something sacred in purification rituals in Japan.
The artist, Moeko Maeda, claims that salt has helped in healing processes for her since childhood. Her theme which implements salt to create paintings, let’s the viewer explore the balance and harmony with respect and gratitude towards salt.
We invite you to enjoy the gentleness and power in Moeko Maeda’s “Salt Painting”.