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Those Famous Rakugo Artists are Holding Their First Online Live! 7/12 (Sun) Taihei Hayashiya、7/19(Sun)Koraku Sanyutei (Speedy Live! feat. YOSE CHANNEL)

Those famous rakugo artists are holding their first online live!
7/12 (Sun) Taihei Hayashiya 7/19(Sun) Koraku Sanyutei
Speedy Live! ×  YOSE CHANNEL

Speedy Live!” (Speedy, Inc.) pioneer of online distribution in the entertainment field, and YOSE CHANNEL (Atoss Broadcasting ltd.), Japan’s one and only channel dedicated to rakugo showrooms, collaborated and are pleased to announce the launch of the “Online Yose Series.”

To deliver laughs to you on Sunday evenings, there will be Online Yose’s on 7/12 from 6pm with Taihei Hayashiya and 7/19 from 6pm with Koraku Sanyutei.
The live stream will be available on the electronic ticket platform “ZAIKO” (PC/smartphone). After the original lives, the archives will be available for 3 days, so if you missed the live, you can still view it again later for a limited time.

Taihei Hayashiya Online Yose

Taihei Hayashiya Profile
Nippon TV “Sho-ten” Ogiri member. In 1988, he was introduced to Konpei Hayashiya. In 2000, he was promoted.
Even in rakugo, while continuing the bright and energetic traditional service spirit of Hayashiya, he continues to make efforts to spread classical rakugo to the present and conveys the fun of rakugo. The rakugo story called “Taihei World” attracts a large number of fans of all ages, and holds many rakugo shows around the country, centered around their own solo performances that are held regularly throughout the year.

【Comment from Master Taihei Hayashiya】
Seating has begun to reopen in the city, and for us and our customer, some things are gradually returning to our daily lives.
A new lifestyle has begun. Whatever the conditions,  I hold a heart full of excitement.
My only hope is to help create smiles on the faces of my customers.
Especially now, let’s enjoy this time with Online Yose!


【Live Details】
■Live Name: Taihei Hayashiya Online Seating
■Performer: Taihei Hayashiya
■Date: July 12th, 2020 (Sun) 6pm to 7pm (60min)
※Viewing availability:Until July 15th, (Mon) 6:59pm
■Format: Live stream(Available on Electronic Ticket Platform  “ZAIKO”)
■Ticket: ¥1,650(w/ tax)
■Purchasing URL: https://speedyLive.zaiko.io/_item/327584



Koraku Sanyutei Online Yose

Koraku Sanyutei Profile
Nippon TV “Sho-ten” Ogiri member. In 1996, he was introduced by 8th generation, Shozo Hayashiya. In 1979, He joined Sho-ten as a successor of Yumenosuke Sanshotei. In 1981, he was promoted. In 1983, in order to firmly study classic rakugo, he left Sho-ten and returned in April of 1988.

In 2013, for the purpose of fostering his own high rank and young people, he opened a new home and opened  “Ikenohata Shinobu-tei” Yose.


Tomu Sanyutei Profile 

In February 1999, he debuted as a comedian with the name Tomu Suetaka. In 2000, he won the Kodansha Mister Young Magazine Grand Pre. In August 2011, he entered rakugo as Koraku Sanyutei’s apprentice. In September 2014, he received his second promotion under the name Tomu Sanyutei.



【Live Details】
■Live Name: Koraku Sanyutei Online Yose
■Performer: Koraku Sanyutei、Tomu Sanyutei
■Date: July 19th, 2020 (Sun) 6pm to 7pm (60min)
※Viewing Archive:Until July 22nd, 2020 (Mon) 6:59pm
■Format: Live Stream(Available on Electronic Ticket Platform  “ZAIKO”)
■Ticket:¥1,650(w/ tax)
■Purchasing URL: https://speedyLive.zaiko.io/_item/327587


■How to Purchase a Ticket 
・From the purchasing link above, access the purchase ticket page.
・To purchase a ticket, you must make a free ZAIKO account.
・Payments methods: credit card, PayPal, Convenience store, WeChat, and Alipay

・This performance will be performed the internet.
・After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check in advance because the procedure is described in the email.
・Customers are responsible to the internet communication costs related to browsing.
・Since it is expected that video distribution will result in a large amount of data communication, it is recommended to use a stable Internet environment (Wi-Fi, etc.).
・We will do our best to prepare the equipment, lines, etc. for delivery, but please understand that due to the nature of live delivery, there is a possibility that unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur.
・Live stream viewing is only available with a ZAIKO account (free).
・If you tune in halfway through the live broadcast, it will be a live streaming from that point, and you cannot rewind and play back during the live. After the live, you can rewind and play back.


【About Speedy Live!】

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