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“The World of Life Taught by Seijun Nishihata” -Donation Classroom Special

“The World of Life Taught by Seijun Nishihata” -Donation Classroom Special
(Provided by Sony Digital Entertainment)

I think that if you do something good for people, it will bounce back to you. If you want to be happy, you can make people happy. This is the feeling I have lived up to now. I wonder if people can’t be happy on their own. Therefore, money cannot be the purpose (stock). Those who are aiming for that are those who still think they can be happy on their own. Only when money is spent on people can we know the clues to happiness. But if you don’t turn it well (flow), it doesn’t make sense. So let’s all learn how to spend good money. The year-end donation month (2016 -Giving December) to think about that is one week left. Everyone should just watch and think about what they like about this video.

Part 1 / Prologue 3 minutes 58 seconds
Greetings from Masataka Uo, Representative Director of Japan Fundraising Association

Part 2/3 / Lecture (Part 1) 16 minutes 56 seconds (Part 2) 20 minutes 48 seconds
Lecture by plant hunter Seijun Nishihata

Part 4 / The world of life spun by songs 16 minutes 01 seconds
Ray Yamada feat. 2 MaL cheering songs

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