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1. Brand Consulting
-Business Management Support Services-

  • Committed to provide new ideas for our highly valued clients to elevate their brand. Adhering to their creative needs, and providing innovative business models and solutions with a clear vision for the future.
  • Introduction to the right people who connect with your brand and provide optimal corporate strategies from investment to M&A.
  • Combat problems related to your business, providing defense measures to protect customer online presence (SNS), incorporate A.I. into business, and share innovative approaches to perfect your business.

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2. Celebrity Management Agency

  • With 30 years of global experience in the entertainment industry, we provide top-quality casting tailored to your business.
  • With roots in Japan, our company envisions global advancement, offering worldwide casting consultation for countries such as China, Hollywood, and more.

3. Online Entertainment

  • Due to the spread of COVID-19, “Speedy Live!” live streaming platform was established providing customers with music, discussion, rakugo (Japanese traditional comedy), and more various types of live streaming entertainment straight to your living room in the new era of 5G.
Speedy Live!
Speedy Live!

4. Publishing

  • “Speedy Books” is an intellectual, alternative publishing company that discovers unique artists who are not signed by existing major publishing companies. An environmentally conscious publisher with books made to order rather than distributed to bookstores.

5. Art Production

  • With the Los Angeles company gallery as the heart and center, our intention is to introduce Japanese artists to the world, bringing awareness to our unique culture.
  • In addition, producing exceptional art, fulfilling the needs and desires of our valued clients in Japan.

6. Angel Investment

  • Construction of a new economic order after the recovery from COVID-19.
  • Focus centered on angel investment; investment in new startup companies in order to rebuild and recreate.
  • Standing for equality, we specialize in support for the advancement of women and other related matters in Japan, China, Africa and other countries facing social inequality.

7. Social Impact

  • Actively working to eradicate deforestation in order to prevent the onset of global warming
  • Introduction of alternative lifestyle options such as plant-based meat to decrease CO2 emissions
  • Endeavor to create a healthier society for a sustainable future.

8. Associated c project

  • Our vision is to countermeasure economic and environmental change with new opportunities and innovation.
  • New business projects include alternative publishing (POD, eBooks), utilizing cutting-edge medical care and technology for longevity, live streaming music in 5G (Japan, China, USA), and more.
  • Promotion of entertainment investment in progress with focus on Uganda’s flourishing entertainment industry.


President's profile:Atsushi Fukuda

President's profile
Brand Consultant / Speedy, Inc. President
Born in Osaka, 1965 (54 years old)

Founder of Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.

Graduate from Art Department of Nihon University
K.I.T. Graduate School – Visiting Professor
Yokohama College of Art- Visiting Professor

- Cartier Award “Change Maker of the Year” (2016)
- Warner Brothers’ Award “Best Marketer of the Year” (3 consecutive years 2010 – 2012)
- Selected as one of “21st Century’s 51 Key IT People” by Nikkei (2001)
3 consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012

Government Commission:
- Agency for Cultural Affairs: appointed as “Content Researcher”
- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Information Age of Discovery” member
- Ministry of International Affairs and Communication: “Media & Software Study Group” member

- Representative Director of The association of Achantemama
- Auditor of Fathering Japan Auditor
- Co-founder of Tiger Mask Foundation

- Ready for the Paradigm Shift?: Creative Minds Post Corona
- This is OK as a 14 Year Old! (Kodansha)
- Vox Pop is a Lie (Satemaga Books)
- You Are Not Thinking to Profit from Social Media, Are You? (Shogakan)



Speedy U.S.

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