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We have planted a rare and auspicious citrus plant called the “Buddha’s hand” at Speedy Farm!

Speedy Farm

We have finished planting a rare and auspicious citrus plant called the “Buddha’s hand”!

Since the Edo period, this plant has been used in flower arrangements and tea ceremonies. It is also a popular motif in paintings among artists, making it a common sight on many sculptures and decorative plates.

These days, the Buddha’s hand has become known for its diverse uses, including as an ingredient in jams that are not too sweet, wellness teas, alcoholic beverages, and throat lozenges.
It also contains the compound hesperidin, which protects our capillaries from bacteria and viruses. The plant also improves blood circulation, making it effective for the prevention of hyperlipidemia, among other benefits.

By the way, Toji Temple in Kyoto sells candies made with Buddha’s hand.
Can you believe how amazing this plant is?

At Speedy, we will be selling it as a gift and as an ingredient in our wellness tea!