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Speedy Farm: Planting of the rare citrus plant called ‘Buddha’s Hand’ (bushkan), which brings happiness, is complete!

Speedy Farm
The rare citrus plant called “Buddha’s hand” that brings happiness, “Butsutekan” (bush kan) has been planted!
Since the Edo period, it has been used for ikebana and tea ceremonies, and favored by artists as a motif in their paintings, and is depicted in many sculptures and painted plates.
These days, it has a wide range of uses, including non-sweet jams, healthy teas, alcoholic drinks, and throat lozenges.
Bushcan also contains “hesperidin,” which protects capillaries from bacteria and viruses. It has the effect of improving blood flow, preventing hyperlipidemia, etc.
Incidentally, butsutekan candies are sold at To-ji Temple in Kyoto.
How versatile!
Speedy, and I’d sell it as a gift and as a health tea!