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2/9~2/25 “Non Ribbon Exhibition – Weird and Cute Things. SPECIAL DISPLAY will be held at Sendai PARCO. Free Admission

Sendai PARCO’s 15th anniversary project “Non Ribbon Exhibition: Weird and Cute Things,” which was held in October 2023 will make a special reappearance at Sendai PARCO to celebrate the finale of the 15th anniversary of Sendai PARCO!

NON’s new Ribbon Art collaborating with traditional Tohoku crafts such as “Kokeshi Doll Lanterns” and “Akabeko” will be exhibited again.

The works will be installed along the glass wall on the 9th floor of the main building of Sendai PARCO, and can be viewed at night along with the night view of Sendai Station.

The exhibition will have a different atmosphere from the exhibition hall held last year, so please come and visit!

Exhibition “NON RIBBON – Weird and Cute Things SPECIAL DISPLAY
Period: 2/9 (Fri.) ~ 2/25 (Sun.)
Location: Special venue on the 9th floor of the Main Building
Admission: Free
*The number of exhibited works differs from that of this exhibition held last year.

■Exhibition “Nonn Ribbon Exhibition: Weird and Cute Things.”Sale of goods
Some of the goods included in the grab bags that were pre-ordered and sold in January 2024 will be on special sale in limited quantities.
Don’t miss out, as the event will end as soon as all the goods are gone!

<Sales at “Tohoku Standard Market”>
Period: 2/9 (Fri.) – 2/25 (Sun.)
Location: Tohoku Standard Market, B1F, Honkan
URL: https: //sendai.parco.jp/shop/detail/?cd=010460

Period: 2/9 (Fri.) 10:00 – 2/25 (Sun.) 23:59
Sales page URL: https://online.parco.jp/shop/c/cs028714/

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Mail: sendai@parco.jp
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