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QWS STARTUP AWARD#2, a pitch award for startups to promote society and business one step further

I’ll be a judge!
I look forward to seeing what kind of entrepreneurs I can meet.

Final judges for the QWS STARTUP AWARD#2, a pitch award for startups to promote society and business one step further!

The co-creation facility “SHIBUYA QWS” (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Operated by Shibuya Scramble Square Co., Ltd.), located on the 15th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square, will hold the “QWS STARTUP AWARD #2” on Friday, March 15, 2024, to promote society and business for startups. All final judges for the pitch award “QWS STARTUP AWARD #2” have been selected.

In order to create “creation of new social value” that is not limited to business and growth potential, the judges for the final round of judging will be luxury angel investors with extensive business experience and other people with management experience.

QWS STARTUP AWARD, a pitch award that promotes society and business one step further. This is a pitch award for startups to take the next innovative step forward, hosted by SHIBUYA QWS (hereafter, Shibuya QWS / QWS), a members-only co-creation facility where diverse people can cross and interact to create ideas and new businesses that lead to social value.

The judging criterion is “whether or not it has the potential to promote society one step further.
The QWS STARTUP AWARD focuses on startups that create new innovations in society, regardless of their business field or domain. The QWS STARTUP AWARD offers a variety of special prizes to promote your business.

We aim to create a Pitch Award where participating startups will have the resources, support, and opportunities to take the next step necessary for their companies.

For details, please visit the special website.

Meet the Final Jury

Atsushi Fukuda
Representative Director and President of Speedy Corporation
Speedy Gallery, Inc. CEO (Speedy Gallery, Inc., U.S.A.)

Kazuhide Hashida
Angel Investor, Representative Director, BOOT Inc.

Shuzo Narita
Entrepreneurs and angel investors

Daisuke Shimada
Representative Director, Interlinks, Inc.

Maiko Kojima
President and Representative Director, Crafter (formerly Chatbooks) Inc.
Councilor, Generative AI Utilization and Promotion Association (GUGA)

Yuji Mouri
Startup Management Mentor
Part-time Director (Former Vice President), Hatena Corporation

Kunihisa Miyamoto
angel investor
Founder and Angel Investor, Internet Marketing, Inc.

Soichiro Kawai
President and Representative Director, ReBoost Inc.

Satotaro Karasawa
Director and CTO, Star Festival, Inc.

List of Supporting Partners (in alphabetical order of organization name)
Lion Corporation
Shochiku Ventures, Inc.
Tokyu Corporation
Yamaha Corporation
Yamanashi Prefecture

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Business Entity: Tokyu Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Subway Co.