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Speedy Euro OÜ 3 years old!

Speedy Euro OÜ
Established in May 2018 in the Estonian capital city of Tallinn, it’s been exactly three years!
Mr. Argo Kangro – Counselor for the renewal of citizenship “e-residency” in Estonia, an IT powerhouse. of Estonia embassy) for a chat after a long time.
Estonia has a vaccine coverage rate of 25%, he said. They are now going to issue one-tin certificates, an EU mechanism, to restore tourism in the after-corona.
When you go there, it is a beautiful European country with an abundance of saunas, good restaurants, and nature. It is a 20-minute flight from Helsinki. London is only 3 hours away.
On the other hand, it is the most advanced DX country in the world.
This “e-residency” system is a “citizenship where you don’t have to be physically present in Estonia, only contribute your brains and you will be a citizen serch. ゙s can be enjoyed.
The only administrative procedures in Estonia that require paper are marriage, divorce, and real estate transactions. The SDGs country uses paper for only 3% of official documents in the UK.
The government also stores all the medical data of the people, and the data will be used for the latest treatment of diseases and, in the future, for genome editing. The company also plans to provide preventive medicine and other services. By transforming personal information into tetascience (platform), the company is scientifically contributing to the longevity of the nation.
In terms of DXing an entire country, it is the most important country in the world to learn from.
The second and subsequent photos are of Speedy’s office in Tallinn. If you are in the area, please come visit us. It is located in the middle of downtown.
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