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For the Future of Life Science : Donation to Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Takatsuki High School

I was asked by my alma mater, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Takatsuki High School, to make a donation and donate a personal computer.
(1) Donation to QI Management Office, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University.
The reason for the project is to “develop a method for predicting the occurrence of medical accidents by analyzing electronic medical records using machine learning.
Although the subject is written in a very difficult way, it will be easy to use AI to analyze the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronas and use this information for medical response. This is very important research.
(2) Takatsuki High School has a course called “SSH” (Super Science High-school).
The objective of the program is to “develop human resources in the life sciences with a background in data science.
The student is Yanagisawa, a first-year high school student in the information group and a second-year high school student starting in April, who is interested in AI and has passed the G certification test. Smart! Donated a computer here.
He is a smart young man who looks like a Takatsuki high school student, and I look forward to seeing him in the future!
Japan has been slow to invest in life sciences, and research is not thriving for a developed country.
I hope that Corona will be a catalyst for society to stimulate interest in the sciences.
Why don’t you all invest in the future of life science?