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After Corona Thinking : Kyoto Creates a New Credit Score and Makes It Global

I am in Kyoto on business.
Never before has Gion been so secluded.
What effect does the shutdown of the city by the corona have on the after-corona?
The DX concept is needed to resolve the contradiction between “no first-time visitors” and “inbound activation.”
In particular, the Kyoto economy, which has been dependent on tourism for the past several years, has experienced a 70% revenue decline in Corona.
We need to take this opportunity to make thorough, structural reforms.
First, we need to release the “only here” stuff, and then sell it all online! So, why don’t you turn your real customers online and turn them into salons?
Even now, there are sweets and other sweet items that can only be purchased by standing in line, and these will be aggressively marketed by introducing online-based credit scores. ゙ and
For example, if you are a stranger who makes a lot of reservations, you should be given a higher credit score and treated as a VIP in the after-corona. ゙Good. Open the door to acquaintances of clients with high credit scores. Even if they are tourists from abroad.
In other words, the scope of trust should not be limited to the region and history of Kyoto, but rather, by defining new conditions of trust, we can make Kyoto a city that is relevant in the 21st century.
Before next year’s cold weather, it would be a good idea to introduce vaccine tourism and give free vaccines to all visiting tourists.
When I was looking at the menu of Waka Koryokudo, a yakitori restaurant, I saw a picture of the Suntory factory in Yamazaki and a wide variety of whiskies. I was so surprised. My hometown!
By the way, the last glass of Yamazaki was at the bar of “HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO” where we stayed. This is the only place that serves alcohol now. Only for hotel guests.