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Speedy Farm: We successfully planted caviar lime!

Speedy Farm
We successfully planted caviar lime!
Caviar lime is a legendary and upmarket lime that is very hard to find in Japan.
When cut in half and lightly pressed, the globular juice vesicles come gushing out. These fruit vesicles look a lot like caviar and that is how it got its name.
It is also called finger lime as it is shaped like a finger.
Caviar lime is a bit different from regular lime, in that it has a unique aroma that is not unlike Japanese pepper while sporting the refreshing citrus flavor. Its atypical light tartness and aroma sets it apart from other citrus fruits like lemons and ‘kabosu’.
The pearl-like globes that pop in your mouth and their unique aroma make them a great accent for many foods and desserts.
◆How to eat…
(1) Eat them on their own like any other fruit.
(2) Mix with mesclun greens and cured ham and eat as a salad.
(3) As a garnish for meat or fish dishes
(4) As toppings for cakes or desserts
(5) Add to salad dressings as it is a citrus fruit.
(6) Add to cocktails as fruit pulp.
This is another fruit that is very healthy! While it is small, it has 3 times the amount of vitamin C compared to mandarin oranges
Its atypical light tartness and aroma set it apart from other citrus fruits like lemons and ‘kabosu’. It contains 3 beneficial nutrients, Vitamin C, potassium, and Vitamin E.
Native to Australia, it was first used by local chefs as a garnish and started becoming popular before its demand exploded in France that is well known for fine dining, elevating it to an upmarket ingredient in no time.
Commercial cultivation began around the mid-1990s and it is still being grown in the north part of New South Wales and the south part of Queensland in Australia. It is probably best to grow it in Okinawa where it is warm and sunny, but I haven’t heard of anyone growing it.
As the fruits that grow on these thorny trees need to be harvested by hand and each fruit is only 4–8 cm, it certainly is as rare and precious as caviar.