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I thought about settling in Nippon from a foreigner’s point of view.

If I were a gaijin and wanted to live in Japan, I wouldn’t be inclined to do so as far as global indicators are concerned.
(1) No diversity!
– Not a single LGBTQ bill will pass. (We won’t know until after Congress…)
– Politics has not responded to the trend of sending people to their deaths on anonymous social networking sites.
(2) Worst gender gap among developed countries
– No understanding of the degree of marital separation.
– Women’s salaries 60% of men’s
(3) Japan’s poverty rate for single-parent families is the worst among major countries
– Leaving Single Mothers in Poverty
– The accompanying school lunch fees for the children cannot be paid.
(4) No social good. Environmental destruction does not stop.
– We are continuing to generate thermal power.
– They are trying to restart nuclear power plants.
(5) Overtime everywhere! No progress in reforming work styles
– Poor productivity relative to hours worked in developed countries
– DX is not progressing as if it were.
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