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Speedy Farm: Caviar lime planting complete!

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Caviar lime planting complete!
Caviar lime is a fantastic luxury lime that is hard to find in Japan.
When cut horizontally in half and lightly crushed, a lot of pulpy pulp comes out from the inside. The name “caviar” comes from the caviar-like appearance of the pulp.
It is also called finger lime because of its finger-like shape.
Caviar lime is a little different from ordinary lime, with a refreshing sourness and a unique aroma like that of sansho (Japanese pepper). It has a soft acidity and aroma that is different from both lemon and capsicum.
It is often used as a garnish or accent for dishes and desserts due to its crunchy texture and distinctive aroma.
◆How to eat: ….
(1) Eat as it is as a fruit.
(2) Serve as a salad with baby leaves and cured ham.
(3) Accompanying meat or fish dishes
(4) Cake, dessert toppings and
(5) Combine with dressing as it is citrusy.
(6) Put as pulp in cocktails.
Another healthy fruit! Small but with 3 times the vitamin C of a mandarin orange
It has a soft acidity and aroma different from both lemon and capsicum. Its ingredients are vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin E.
It became popular when Australian chefs started using it as a garnish, and the demand rate increased in France, which is known for its gourmet cuisine, and the demand rate quickly increased. It was quickly elevated to a luxury ingredient.
Commercial cultivation is said to have begun in the mid-1990s and continues today in northern New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. It is grown in the south. I think it is best suited for warmer Okinawa, but I don’t hear much about it elsewhere.
The fruits are harvested by hand from the thorny trees, and the scarcity of these fruits, which are only 4 to 8 cm long per tree, makes cahi It is worthy of being compared to ゙a.