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Speedy Farm: Planting of tara yoh has been completed!

Speedy Farm: Planting of tara yoh has been completed!

During the Warring States period 500 years ago, samurai warriors wrote letters on tara-yow leaves and sent them as letters.

In China, it is known as kuteisha (bitter-ding tea).
This is a health tea with a long history of being drunk in China, and is also known as “tea for reducing fat”, “beauty tea”, or “longevity tea” due to its high medicinal value. Its name comes from the words “bitter” and “twisted.” It is also called “one-leaf tea” because of the shape of its large, single leaf twisted into a long, thin stick.

Its bitterness makes it difficult to be eaten by insects. Those from China’s Hainan Island are considered the finest.

◆Talayo tea effects and benefits
Reduce inflammation
It is effective in releasing body heat to the outside and is effective in treating fever and inflammation.
Also helps to remove phlegm, suppresses coughs and bronchitis.
…Rhinitis, otitis media, mouth ulcers, toothache, etc.

Skin beautifying effect (anti-aging)
Prevents skin oxidation (aging) due to the abundance of flavonoids (antioxidants)
・Moisturizing ingredients are also available to maintain skin elasticity and luster.

detox effect
Constipation-relieving effect and blood circulation-promoting effects lower blood pressure.
Remove unwanted lipids from the blood and maintain a moderate weight.
It has a high diuretic effect and promotes metabolism and eliminates swelling.

◆Talayo tea brewing method
Before brewing tea, the key is to first rinse the tea leaves with a small amount of hot water to help dissolve the tea components. Then, pour 300-400 ml of hot water for 1 or 2 tea leaves and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. If boiling in a kettle, 1 bottle per 1 liter is enough!

Pretty serious plant, looking forward to growing it!