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Yuki Ninagawa Talk Show “Adult Time for Travel, Sea, Art” FUJISAWA HOTEL En Opening Event Listener Atsushi Fukuda

There was an opening preview party for the adult vacation hotel “Fujisawa Hotel EN” last night.

I was invited to take the stage as a listener for the talk show by Yuki Ninagawa, a painter and actress, but I was surprised at the depth of her knowledge of the Shonan area! Many of you! Thank you for visiting us!

Travel enriches humans, doesn’t it? This hotel is located in the center of Kamakura to Tsujido.
I wanted such an adult hotel. There is also a stall bath.

Addendum: In opening this hotel, I would like to pay tribute to my friend Yoko Tanigaki, president of the Court Hotel Chain, for his continuous efforts and delicate consideration.

Everyone, this summer is here!
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