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LINE [Mizuki Sun Quotations Stamp] is on sale! “Don’t do what you like” Huh!

LINE [Mizuki Sun Quotations Stamp] is on sale!
(Release: Speedy / Licensor: Mizuki Production)

It has been 10 years since Masaru Uchida, the creator of “GeGeGe no Kitaro” and my mentor, entered the demon register.
Please try Shigeru Mizuki’s quote stamp dedicated to Mr. Uchida, a great content producer I admire. Today, it will be delivered simultaneously all over the world. Huh!


PS: Masaru Uchida has produced numerous hit comics such as “Star of the Giants,” “Tiger Mask,” and “Tensai Bakabon.” There are many autobiographical books by Mr. Uchida, so please leave a message if you want. We will send it free of charge.