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Hakone Pola Museum of Art Sebastian Masuda x Claude Monet “Point-Rhythm World 2018 -Monet’s Microcosm-” exhibition with “Sound Project 2.0 Point-of-sight of the Forest of Point Sounds” (musician Junichi Matsumoto x NHK Enterprises) has been upgraded!

Sebastian Masuda x Claude Monet’s blockbuster exhibition has been upgraded!
In collaboration with musician Junichi Matsumoto and NHK Enterprises, he expressed “sound pointillism” with the latest technology.

The key “pointillism” of the exhibition is expressed by Sony’s latest acoustic technology, which is also called “VR of sound”, and the “microcosm of Monet” is expanded. It uses more than 90 speakers!

You can have a fantastic experience like wandering in the woods.
Please definitely come to see it.
Exhibition Overview: “Point-Rhythm World 2018 -Monet’s Microcosm-”
–Sound Project 2.0 The Universe of the Sound Forest
Period: November 15th (Thursday) -December 2nd (Sunday), 2018
Location: Hakone Pola Museum of Art

All the people involved are in Hakone !!