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What I learned is “adversity passion”! Colorful Sekai with Refugees (Part 1) Social Entrepreneur Sayaka Watanabe x Consultant Atsushi Fukuda


We listened to Mr. Sayaka Watanabe, who was selected as “30 Under 30” (30 people under the age of 30 who will lead the next generation) sponsored by Forbes Japan and is energeticly working on the refugee problem. There were so many things I didn’t know, and I was very aware of the problem. Please read this.
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I learned “adversity passion”! Colorful Sekai made with refugees] (Part 1)
Social entrepreneur Sayaka Watanabe x consultant Atsushi Fukuda


Watanabe: “I was most interested in” moving people “. Especially for those who lost their nation or couldn’t return to their nation.” Then, how do you live in this world? There are people who are completely different from the premise that we, who were born and raised in Japan, have a strong interest in “the country protects us.” There are people who can’t do it, and the country itself kills them. The moment they leave the country, they have nowhere to go and are pushed into the name “refugee” and deprived of their freedom … …. The United Nations is doing its best, but there are also people who deviate from international law and standards. So at WELgee, how does the private sector find people who cannot be protected by the state? I am working with the idea that I can empower. ”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yasunori Yamamoto