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Eight years after the earthquake, the Sanriku Railway Rias Line is finally fully open! A day in Miyako with a deep emotion of “Non”.

Today, the Sanriku Rias Line, which was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, has opened! It has been eight years since the disaster. It is a symbol of Tohoku reconstruction.

I believe that the distance of 163km will bring people’s hearts closer and make Tohoku healthy.


Commemorating the opening of the entire Sanriku Rias line with “Non”
Live program “Proceed to the future! Everywhere ”(Iwate Asahi Broadcasting) Finished successfully!

“Non” appears as a surprise at the opening ceremony of the Sanriku Railway “Rias Line”.
“I felt the strength of the reconstruction and wanted to support more,” he handed the bouquet to President Ichiro Nakamura.
The Kita-Sanriku Railway that appears in “Ama-chan” was modeled after Sanriku, and Sanriku stations and trains were used.
“I’m glad that Sanriku has been connected for a long time. It was a memorable train for me, and I was taken care of by the morning drama. I’m excited to think that a new drama for everyone will happen,” congratulated the opening.

Non-san “memorable” Surprise appeared with the opening of the Rias line: Asahi Shimbun Digital