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What is Sprinklr’s SNS-based customer service branding?

Lunch with Kenta Yagi and Naoki Sakai, the president of Sprinklr Japan.

Sprinkler’s motto is’Care is the new marketing’, so we will provide the ultimate customer service by thoroughly looking at the contents of SNS.

The recent SNS generation intentionally tweeted on Twitter instead of telling customer service complaints about products and services. Then, the company that cares properly will reply within 10 minutes, and the customer will be satisfied. Common sense has not yet penetrated in Japanese companies in the United States.

Japanese companies will respond if they catch fire, but in reality it is meaningless if they cannot respond to complaints that customers often post.
Even a small complaint by an individual is seen by all followers, so to speak, the exchange on SNS is the same as the event on the public road.

Traditional customer service is a closed world story, but that of social media extends to the followers of the parties. That’s why customer service becomes branding itself.

… I mean, it’s an afternoon to hear an interesting story from Mr. Yagi, who has a super hangover.