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Talked Dialogue [Knowing the Brain, the Future Will Change] (Part 1) Ihoko Kurokawa, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, and Jun Fukuda, Consultant


A conversation with Ihoko Kurokawa, whose book “Wife’s Tricks” is currently a bestseller. It’s very interesting. The relationship between men and women, love, and married couples can all be explained by the function of the brain.
It’s an absolute must-read.

Talked Dialogue [Knowing the Brain, Changing the Future] (Part 1)

Ihoko Kurokawa, Artificial Intelligence Researcher x Jun Fukuda, Consultant


Kurokawa: “When you first fall in love, you feel stimulated by the smell of your partner. The type of pheromone odor contained in body odor is said to be linked to the type of HLA gene (known as the blood type of white blood cells, the most polymorphic gene), and it is believed that animals let the opposite sex know “the state of their immunity” by their body odor. In other words, the body odor of the owner of a different gene is initially perceived as foreign and causes a rut. However, the brain also has a mechanism to become accustomed to “steady stimulation” and become bored with it.
Humans are hardwired to mating with people who have different genes for immune antibody types, so it is common for calm people to mate with impatient people. People often get irritated after marriage, wondering “why” they don’t have the same hobbies or values as they do, but this “irritated feeling” and “horny feeling” are very similar signals in the brain. So, when you are not irritated with someone, you are actually less “horny.”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo by Yasunori Yamamoto