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STOP! Speedy, Inc. is a co-sponsor of ACE, a child labor campaign NGO (Representative: Yuka Iwatsuki)!

STOP! Child Labor Campaign
Speedy, Inc. is a co-sponsor of ACE, an NGO that campaigns for the elimination of child labor.

Some of the brand shoes, clothes, and chocolates that you casually wear are still made by poor children in India and Africa under poor conditions.

There are 150 million children in the world who are forced into hard labor with no windows and no sleep.

Not only is it a matter of helping a child because you feel sorry for him or her, but by putting the child to work, you deprive him or her of the opportunity to learn and, by extension, eliminate the future of the human race. Children are not born by choice of country or situation.

I know you all would not be able to stand it if your children were in this situation.
If we do not provide a prosperous future for the next generation of children, human evolution will cease and we will be left with only a barren reality. Please understand this reality and donate to this organization.

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