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Non” will be a guest at the “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition hosted by Chanel!

Mademoiselle Privée” exhibition (hosted by Chanel) was held in Japan, and “Non” attended the party as a guest.

The “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition began in London in 2015 and traveled to Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other cities around the world. Tokyo is the fifth city to host the exhibition.

Mademoiselle Privé” is the term used at the entrance to Chanel’s creation studio, located on the fourth floor of 31 rue Cambon in Paris, the core of Chanel’s business. The exhibition recreates the third floor apartment, the most private space in the building where founding designer Gabrielle Chanel relaxed and entertained guests. This space is truly a source of inspiration for Chanel’s creativity.

Climbing the stairs just past the entrance, there is a door. The door leading to the studio is reproduced in full embroidery by Lusage, a Métiers d’Art atelier, with beads and sequins stitched all over the door knob and hinges. It took a whopping 1,200 hours to make, which translates to 50 days……! It was a mind-bogglingly huge amount of time.




↓ Branding video by Sofia Coppola.