Speedy NEWS

2019 Summary

It’s a day to reflect on the year.

Ross’s gallery became operational and held three exhibitions (May).
An office in China was opened, gaining a foothold to revitalize entertainment between Japan and China (July).
I flew around the world a lot. I checked and it’s 300,000 miles (that’s 10 times around the earth).
This raised his awareness of environmental issues and he started a project to save the forest (September).
Non-chan was very successful and created a stir in the entertainment industry (July).
In branding, he has provided consulting services to a variety of companies, including Chateraise, Otsuka Kagu, and Daiwa Heavy Industries.
Plako came to Japan from Mozambique to do charity work (April).
I got my scuba license in Hawaii (February).
I have had the opportunity to give many lectures at Waseda University NEO and Dentsu Design Talk.
Involved in many events such as “Star Wars Exhibition”, “Fake Exhibition”, “Ray Yamada Live”, etc.
Rejuvenation by culture of autologous lymphocytes started in WW (Oct.)

This is not something you can plan for. And I am not going to be (forcibly?) forced to do something that I can’t plan for. I am grateful to the staff, friends, seniors, and colleagues who go along with me. Why doesn’t anyone stop me? (laugh).