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A 1984 Apple newspaper ad featuring art by Taikan Yokoyama!

36 years ago, Apple’s newspaper ad!
I found this while researching Steve Jobs’ connection to Japan!

Joanna Hoffman, Head of Marketing, Apple Inc.)
Art Director: Hachiro Suzuki (Dentsu)
Art: Yokoyama Taikan, Nachinotaki Waterfall, 1915)

Copies: Heaven, Earth, and Apple Making Apple on the Eighth Day

Newspaper AD (apple) in 1984.

Marketing director: Joanna Karine Hoffman
Art director(Dentsu) : Hachiro Suzuki
Art : Taikan Yokoyama (Waterfall of Nachi)
Tag line: heaven, earth and apple…

Steve Jobs visited Japan in 1983 and purchased an ukiyoe print, “Woman Combing Her Hair” (Goyo Hashiguchi, 1920) at a certain gallery in Ginza.
This painting was presented at the presentation of McIntosh.
The goal was to draw these curves of black hair using computer graphics. At the time, it was said to be too difficult to draw smooth curves with computer graphics, and no one, except for Jobs, seemed to embark on its development. However, Jobs did it with a performer that popularized it for home use. It is said that this event was the starting point that opened the world of computer graphics leading to the present day.