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Olympic Scandal : What are the facts you don’t know in your search?

I have been stuck in Okinawa for three days now due to a typhoon, but fortunately I can see events in Tokyo and around the world objectively, so here is what I am thinking. ….

Physicals are too lenient!” You can find out by searching the Internet!” “ IT Literacy is low!” When I hear things like this, at first I think, “I see what you mean,” but then I wonder what is really going on. I am reminded of this.

From now on. 27 years ago. 1994 Year 1 The contents of the magazine, which I remarked on in May, and the 23 Years ago. 1998 Year. May. Released in March VHS The contents of the “What’s in the box?

Before the Internet 20 Unless the media of the 21st century are digitized, they are only someone’s memories, reprints, or quotations, so searches cannot provide a physical examination.

someone This magazine and VHS Have you seen the Not just the clipped part? I’m not trying to defend anyone, but what I’m trying to stick to is, “Is it based on facts?”, “Are you looking at things from multiple angles?”, and “Have you read the opposing/opposing views as well?”.

I still think it’s impressionistic criticism. Impressions evoke falsehoods and rumors. When I work in the entertainment industry, I always think that people are really writing a lot of lies. I am stunned by the fact that things I know well are written without any basis. As they say, “Where there’s no fire, there’s no smoke.” 100%. There are many articles that seem to be entirely fictional. Do you know the concept of presumption of innocence? I would like to say.

21 With articles from the 21st century, logs are kept, so when you search for them, the “Oh, so this is who he is?” press damage goes on and on and on. The reality is that many people cannot recover their honor because of this. When they think, “No, no, what is written in the article is a lie, so please delete the article,” a huge amount of procedures await them, and finally they are told, “Since he is a celebrity, it is a tax on his fame,” and they cry themselves to sleep.

When there is a scandal like this, it is good to take a beat and take a deep breath. And then we should calmly consider “what is the truth.

The above is not a coherent summary, but it is a miscellany of my observations of the urban mess while playing with the threats of nature on a farm in Okinawa.

By the way, I have never watched the Olympics since I was born due to lack of interest and have no plans to do so in the future, so I will spend the rest of today researching healthy teas.