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J-WAVE radio program “INNOVATION WORLD ERA” Nun × Kenichiro Mogi / “A Better Way of Life” from the viewpoint of brain science from now on

You can listen to this radio show on YouTube!

Non Non × Kenichiro Mogi] “A Better Way of Life” from the Viewpoint of Brain Science (2020/06/21)

J-WAVE radio program “FROM THE NEXT ERA” in which “Non” welcomes innovators in various genres. The third guest will be brain scientist Kenichiro Mogi.
What are the hints from the forefront of brain science that will bring innovation to the lifestyle of the future? Mr. Mogi will openly analyze the inside of Non’s brain!

INNOVATION WORLD ERA” is a program about innovation for the future featuring Daito Manabe of Rhythmatics, Masafumi Goto of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, actress/actress/actress Nonn Sosaku Achisuto, and creative director Kenji Kobashi. On-air every Sunday at 23:00 on terrestrial wave.