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After 2 doses of the vaccine : I will give you a numerical value of how well we are able to resist corona.

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Now, let’s see. 2 I will give you a numerical explanation of how well we will be able to resist coronas ourselves after the two vaccinations. (Pfizer, Modela, etc.) mRNA (For the vaccine)

Since coronas are not going away, we would like to have a concrete image of how to deal with them and make them “the same as the flu”.

A blood test to see how much antibody strength (i.e., protection rate) can be achieved after vaccination: “ IgG I have had an “antibody test” (spike protein antibody = neutralizing antibody). The results are as follows.

Jun Fukuda’s antibody titer ( 2 After one dose of inoculation 2 (Weeks) : 25,000 AU/mL * AU = Arbitrary Unit

The standard value with or without antibody titer is ” 4,160 AU/mL,” but in reality, the standard for FDA-approved ( FDA-EUA ) preparations is defined as ” 840 AU/mL ” or higher, so at a minimum, coronas can be protected up to this value.


Average antibody titer among Japanese.

1 After one dose of inoculation 14 days after 1,000 AU/mL

2 After one dose of inoculation 7 days later 22,000 AU/mL

Average antibody titer of visitors to the U.S.

1 After one dose of inoculation 2,217 AU/mL

2 After one dose of inoculation, the 6,396 AU/mL

The reference value (high titer) with and without antibody titer is “ 4,160 AU/mL ” but in fact, the FDA is the approved use ( FDA-EUA The standard for the formulation that was 840 AU/mL The minimum number of coronas that can be protected is defined as “0.5” or more, so at a minimum, coronas can be protected up to this number.

Also, how much from the peak Future data analysis will be needed to determine if antibody titers will continue to decrease or if they will continue to reproduce in memory.

Assuming that the number of employees would be reduced by half in six months. 2 The company will be able to defend itself for a year and a half. 25,000 → (1) 12,500 → (1) 6,250 → (1) 3,125 → (1) 1,562 → (1) 781

Even if antibody titers decrease, cellular immunity is still stored in the body, so we do not think it is necessary to give additional vaccinations so frequently.

Moderna is a 2 The vaccine may also be “like the flu,” as it suggests that even those who have been vaccinated twice may be prevented from developing the disease if they receive an additional dose according to the mutated strain.

Let’s vaccinate!

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Vaccine. 2 I gave him two shots. …… What is the world after that?


Free treatment [pre- and post-vaccination] Spike protein antibodies ( Neutralizing antibody ) Test