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Online event to commemorate the publication of “The Corona Era of Living Swissy” hosted by the bookstore “B&B” (Naoki Sakai, Conceptor x Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant) Age has nothing to do with DX. DX yourself first!

The video of the recent online event is now available.
If you missed it, you’re in for a treat! (Already held on June 13)
Online event to celebrate the publication of “The Corona Era of Living Swissy” hosted by the bookstore “B&B”.
Naoki Sakai, Conceptor, and Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant Age has nothing to do with DX. DX yourself first!”
Ticket sales deadline : July 16, 2021 until 23:00
Price : 1,500 yen + tax ¥1,650
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Purchase the book below or at bookstores nationwide.
(The following is the text of the event announcement.)
Recommended by Norihiko Sasaki!
Naoki Sakai, a conceptor who interviews 200 corporate leaders annually, and Jun Fukuda, a brand consultant, will share plenty of DX best practices, which they usually teach only to business managers.
Sushi items are sold at “market value,” which changes daily. However, even on the same day, if AI analyzes crowd data and changes the price according to the time of day, sales will increase. ! Determine the optimum price for the best neta price. That’s what DX is all about.
Two authors in their 70s (Mr. Naoki Sakai) and 50s (Mr. Jun Fukuda) are at the forefront of global DX.
This is exactly what Norihiko Sasaki said at the beginning of the book, and it is also the value of this book.
What to do about the most pressing social issues of our time, such as “vaccines and DX,” “the Olympics and DX,” and “virtual currency and DX.”
How can the DXing of individuals become the DXing of society? This event will be a time to get an idea of what to expect.
Profile of the performers
Naoki Sakai
Born in Kyoto in 1947, he is the president of Conceptor Design Water. After entering Kyoto City University of Arts, he moved to the U.S. and established TattooCompany in 1968. He sold T-shirts with embroidery prints and hit the jackpot.
Returned to Japan in 1973 and established STUDIO WATER. 87 involved in the development of the Nissan “1 -Be”, creating a retro-futuristic boom. 88 presented the Olympus “product-O”, which was invited to exhibit at MoMa in 1995, and later became a permanent fixture. He established Water Design in 2004, and presented two concept models from au design project in 2005.
Atsushi Fukuda
Born in Osaka in 1965. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art. Founder of Sony Digital Entertainment. Visiting professor at Yokohama College of Art and Design and Kanazawa Institute of Technology.
In addition to branding services, he is also a talent agent for actresses such as NON, and a Beijing-based casting services, attracting international events, running an “AI Salon” for corporations, and His activities include running an art gallery in Tokyo, high-tech agriculture in Okinawa, and running the NFT art gallery in Estonia.