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VUILD Corporation: 3D printer houses (The democratization of architecture has begun!)

I met Hiroki Akiyoshi, the president of VUILD Co. a start-up company with the goal of democratizing architecture. He’s like Lego for grownups–exciting!
The process of building a house is…
1. Land Selection
Select a site of your choice from among those offered by community hosts in each region of Japan, taking into account the landscape and community.
2. Think about the way you live
The project is about fantasizing about and planning an ideal lifestyle, such as a study, studio, store, or workshop that one has given up on having in urban life.
3. Design a floor plan with the application .
When the necessary floor plan is drawn with the house design application currently under development, the shape of the house is instantly generated and a rough estimate is obtained. The floor plan can be adjusted as you review your budget and requirements.
4. Determine housing performance
Determine the specifications of the house according to the climate. Depending on the budget, eco-friendly and off-grid houses can be built by determining the type of equipment, thickness of insulation, and performance of fixtures and fittings.
The WOTA BOX (WOTA Corporation), an autonomous decentralized water circulation system that has become a hot topic in recent years, is also available for selection.
5. Assemble the house
Using local lumber, the house components are output by ShopBot, a 3D wood processing machine located in the community. Under the guidance of experts, the house is assembled as if it were a plastic model, allowing family members and friends to enjoy building a house together.
That’s all! Isn’t it amazing!
Four years after starting the business, in 2018, EMARF, which allows you to freely design custom-made furniture online and output it with a 3D printer, was launched. The company started by launching a platform that allows even amateurs to “locally produce and consume furniture”.
The “House of the Rare Person” built in the mid-mountainous region of Toyama Prefecture won the Good Design Gold Award for 2020.
By the way, Hiroki Akiyoshi is from Osaka!
Representative Director of VUILD Corporation, born in 1988 in Osaka, Japan.
Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and studied digital fabrication in the X-DESIGN area at the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University.
In 2017, he founded VUILD Corporation, aiming to “democratize architecture”.
Major awards include SD Review Honorable Mention (2018), SD Review Honorable Mention (2019), Under 35 Architects exhibition Gold Medal award (2019), Good ゙Design Gold Award (2020)
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